In Vietnam, International Children's Day is a joyous celebration featuring vibrant festivities, educational activities, and community engagement. The day highlights the nation's dedication to nurturing the potential and well-being of its youth, fostering a sense of unity and responsibility toward shaping a promising future.

History of the International Children's Day

At dawn on June 1, 1942, the Nazis surrounded and detained 173 men, 196 women, and children in the town of Lidiz (Czechoslovak). Here, 66 individuals were brutally murdered, 104 minors were transferred to concentration camps, 88 of them died in gas chambers, and nine others were forced to serve as fascist henchmen. There were no people in the Lydise settlement. Two years later, on June 10, 1944, the Nazis once more encircled the French village of Oradua, forcing 400 people - including many women and more than 100 children - into a church where a catastrophic fire broke out.

With its sacred and noble responsibility, the International Federation of Democratic Women decided in 1949 to designate June 1 of each year as the International Day to Protect Children. The organization also demanded that governments of all nations take responsibility for children's lives by reducing the military budget and increasing funding for youth and child protection, education, and care.

The International Federation of Democratic Women decided June 1 of each year as International Children's Day

Then, in April 1952, a conference to safeguard children was held internationally in Vienna, the capital of Austria. This conference urged all governments to pass legislation in their nations to protect women's rights, the welfare of children, and the prohibition of using technological advances in combat.

In Moscow (Russia) in 1955, the Mothers' Congress of the majority of the world's nations accused imperialists of plotting to resume the war and urged women to unite and work for a nation with permanent peace. Since then, young women's organizations in different nations have chosen June 1 as the day to display their will to fight against the forces of war and safeguard the happiness of mothers and children worldwide.

The significance of this day in Vietnam

The International Children's Day, celebrated annually on June 1st, holds great importance in Vietnam. This day is dedicated to honoring the rights and well-being of children, while also recognizing their immense potential and contribution to society. It serves as a reminder to protect, nurture, and empower the youngest members of the Vietnamese community.

This day holds great importance in Vietnam

Activities on the Children's Day in Vietnam

On Children’s Day, Vietnam comes alive with a plethora of exciting activities and events tailored specifically for children.

Educational workshops and competitions

A key aspect of Children's Day in Vietnam is the focus on education. Schools organize special programs and activities to foster a love for learning and exploration. Children engage in various educational workshops, art competitions, and storytelling sessions that promote creativity and critical thinking. These initiatives aim to inspire young minds and instill a lifelong passion for knowledge.

Schools organize special programs and activities to foster a love for learning and exploration

Promoting health and well-being

The Children's Day in Vietnam places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of children. Medical institutions and organizations collaborate to provide free health check-ups, vaccinations, and awareness campaigns for parents. Additionally, sports events and outdoor activities encourage physical fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle among children.

Sports events and outdoor activities encourage physical fitness

Cultural showcases

Celebrating International Children's Day also offers an opportunity to showcase Vietnam's rich cultural heritage. Traditional games, folk dances, and music performances highlight the country's unique identity while fostering a sense of pride among children. These cultural displays not only entertain but also educate young individuals about their roots and heritage.

These cultural displays not only entertain but also educate young individuals about their roots and heritage

International Children's Day in Vietnam is filled with joy, celebration, and meaningful activities. From engaging in fun-filled games to promoting education and well-being, this day in Vietnam has become a symbol of hope, joy, and a collective commitment to building a brighter future for its youngest members.

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