Cau Ngu - Swimming Trai Festival in Sam Son city is conducted every year on the 14th and 15th of the 5th lunar month to pray for good weather and calm seas so that fishermen can sail out to sea safely and capture a lot of fish, shrimps, and plentiful crops.

Cau Ngu - Swimming Trai Festival in Sam Son city

In 2024, Sam Son City celebrated the Cau Ngu - Swimming Trai Festival over two days on June 19th and 20th. The event is divided into two parts: the ritual and the festival.

About ritual part

The main ceremony consists of the following rituals: parade, incense offering, sacrifice, sacrifice to river and sea gods, reading wishes for favorable weather, peaceful weather, calm sea so that fishermen can go out to sea safely, catch a lot of fish and shrimps, have a good harvest, and people live well and happily. The ceremony was serious and polite, with hundreds of residents and visitors from all around the world in attendance.

Cau Ngu - Swimming Trai Festival customs are solemn and respectful

About festival part

Following the formal ceremony, a huge number of residents and visitors will be engaged in an appealing festival featuring folk games rich with the cultural nuance of marine dwellers.

The festival portion began with a knitting net tournament for the most competent and skilled fishermen from Sam Son's communes and wards. This is a competition that demonstrates the inventiveness and dexterity of the most competent fisherman, as well as the beauty of their work in manually building fishing gear to go out to sea to catch fish. People from Sam Son, have been involved in the marine business for many generations.

The knitting net competition demonstrated the fishermen's cleverness

The traditional spread swimming tournament, in which athletes from 11 wards and communes in the city compete, is the most thrilling and appealing. Each race boat is made up of 21 persons who are the strongest, most nimble rowers in the city. The event was created to honor the Gods of the Sea, the Moon, and Doc Cuoc, who have safeguarded the lives of Sam Son fishermen involved in the fishing trade.

The Organizing Committee will deliver flags and awards to the high-ranking teams in the swimming competition, as well as the teams with the highest scores in the procession and great individuals in the competitive mesh knitting event, after the competitions.

Where can get around in Sam Son?

Sam Son Beach is considered “the most ideal resort in Indochina” and is one of the most gorgeous beaches on the North Central Coast. The best time to visit is during the summer, from May through August. This time of year, the temperature is cool, the air is fresh and pleasant, and the weather is ideal for partaking in a variety of enjoyable beach activities, as well as underwater. Sam Son also offers numerous intriguing sites to discover aside from water fun activities.

Sam Son fishing village is known for its traditional fishing practices and its beautiful natural scenery. In recent years, Sam Son fishing village has also become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors who come to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and learn about the local way of life. Tourists can take part in fishing trips, visit traditional fishing villages, and sample fresh seafood at local restaurants.

Sam Son fishing village is known for its traditional fishing practices

Trong Mai Island is a small island located off the coast of Sam Son Beach. The island is named after its distinctive rock formations, which resemble a pair of chickens (Trong means "rooster" and Mai means "hen" in Vietnamese). Visitors can explore the island's rocky terrain, which is home to many caves and grottoes. One of the most famous caves on the island is the Thien Tuong Cave, which features a large chamber filled with stalactites and stalagmites.

 Visitors can explore the island's rocky terrain at the Trong Mai Island

Truong Le Mountain is a popular destination for hikers, offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. In addition to its natural beauty, Truong Le Mountain is also of cultural significance. The mountain is home to several important Buddhist temples and pagodas, which attract many visitors each year.

Truong Le Mountain is a popular destination for hikers

Cau Ngu - Swimming Trai Festival is held to contribute to the preservation and promotion of unique traditional cultural values and features, and to enrich the food products tourism service of Sam Son City, creating the image of a modern, civilized, and friendly coastal tourism city. What are you waiting for? Planning a tour to Vietnam and enjoying the country's distinctive cultural festivals!

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