The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2024) is set to illuminate the skies of Vietnam's central coast this summer, promising a spectacle of vibrant colors and awe-inspiring pyrotechnics. From June 8th to July 13th, 2024, the city of Da Nang will transform into a stage for a captivating competition between international fireworks teams.

International Fireworks Festival 2024 in Da Nang

The Fireworks Festival in Da Nang will light up the Han River with pyrotechnic displays from around the world this June and July.

Fierce competition and artistic expression

DIFF 2024 promises to be a night of fierce competition and artistic expression. Eight teams from across the globe will vie for the coveted title of champion. This year welcomes three new participants to the competition: the United States, Germany, and China. They join pyrotechnic teams from Finland, France, Italy, and Poland, and host Vietnam's Da Nang team.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024 welcomes three new participants

International teams bring diverse styles

Each team will bring their unique style and expertise to the competition. Spectators can expect a dazzling display of fireworks choreographed to music, with vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and synchronized explosions lighting up the night sky. The overall message of the festival is expected to convey a spirit of peace, fairness, harmony, and compassion.

Audiences will enjoy a stunning fireworks show synchronized to music, featuring vibrant hues

A festival experience beyond fireworks

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival offers more than just breathtaking firework displays. The festival program extends beyond the competition nights, with various cultural events and entertainment options planned throughout the month. The festival area along the Han River transforms into a vibrant hub, bustling with activity and excitement. The Tran Hung Dao Street sidewalk area will be designated for artistic performances, providing a well-rounded festival experience for visitors.

The Han River festival area turns into a lively center filled with bustling activity and excitement

Schedule of the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

The festival is set to commence officially on the evening of June 8th, starting with opening performances featuring Team Da Nang-Viet Nam and Team France, centered around the theme ‘Made of Unique Culture’. Following that, on the evening of June 15th, the second night will showcase a competition between Italy and the US, themed ‘Made of Natural Wisdom’.

Moving forward, the third night, themed ‘Made of Love Inspiration’, will be held on June 22nd, featuring Germany and Poland. Then, on the evening of June 29th, the fourth night will host a competition between China and Finland, focusing on the theme ‘Made of Fairy Tales’.

Each night of the fireworks festival will have a different theme

The grand finale, scheduled for the evening of July 13th, will revolve around the theme ‘Made of Young Generation’. Each participating team will have 20-22 minutes to present their performance, aligning with the theme of the respective night.

Performances will be evaluated based on several criteria, including concept, theme, uniqueness, and performance quality, as well as the diversity of colors, the scale and impact of effects, and the synchronization between fireworks sounds and visuals.

Planning your trip to the fireworks festival in Da Nang

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is a must-see event for anyone visiting Vietnam during the summer months. With its stunning firework displays, cultural events, and vibrant atmosphere, the festival offers an unforgettable experience. Here's what you need to know to plan your trip:

  • Dates and schedule: The festival takes place from June 8th to July 13th, 2024.
  • Accommodation: Da Nang experiences a surge in tourism during the festival, so booking your accommodation well in advance is highly recommended.
  • Transportation: During the festival, expect a higher demand for transportation, so plan your travel accordingly.
  • Tickets and viewing areas: While entry to the festival area is free, some viewing areas offer premium seating with closer proximity to the fireworks display and additional amenities. These typically require purchasing tickets in advance. 
  • What to pack: Pack light, comfortable clothing suitable for hot and humid summer weather. Don't forget sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for daytime activities. 
  • Beyond the festival: Da Nang offers a wealth of attractions beyond the fireworks festival and also boasts delicious cuisine.

Remember to plan your trip to have the best experience at the festival

The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2024 promises an unforgettable summer spectacle. Witnessing the creative brilliance of international pyrotechnic teams light up the night sky over the scenic Han River is an experience not to be missed. So, mark your calendars, book your Da Nang tour, and prepare to be dazzled by the magic of fireworks!

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