The Southern Fruit Festival at Suoi Tien is an annual event hosted at the Suoi Tien tourist area, showcasing unique and diverse fruit varieties from regions across the country. This festival promises a vibrant summer experience, bringing joy to visitors from all over.

When will the festival take place?

The event, themed "Happy Farming Journey," will officially kick off at Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism Area on June 1 and run through August 30. It is a cultural tourism event to promote the distinctive fruits cultivated in the southern area and the brand of Vietnamese fruits in general. This year's festival promises a variety of unique, attractive, and innovative activities.

The festival annually opens from June 1 to August 30

Activities at the Southern Fruit Festival 2024

The event at Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism Area features a wide variety of activities.

Specialty fruit market

This is one of the festival's most impressive activities, leaving a lasting impression on tourists. Visitors can savor the fresh, cool, and nutritious flavors of hundreds of early-season fruits from across the country. The market showcases many famous fruit from other provinces such as Hoa Loc mango, Lai Thieu mangosteen, Tien Giang jackfruit, Tien Giang grapefruit, Dak Lak avocado, durian, passion fruit, and searoyal musk-melon, along with other agricultural products like sugar, Tra Vinh coconut nectar, ST25 rice, Omega 3 rice, Tien Giang grapefruit wine, and honey-based products.

The market features a variety of renowned fruits from different provinces

The market also features a collection of fruits from Suoi Tien Farm at Southern Fruit Festival 2024. These high-quality fruits originate from around the world, including Brazilian cherries, Japanese pink grapes, French black candy grapes, American figs, Taiwan star apples, Indian red pomegranates, and Taiwan Rubi guavas.

Southern safe delicious fruit contest

The 12th "Southern Safe Delicious Fruits" contest, organized by Suoi Tien Cultural Tourism Joint Stock Company and the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, offers a platform to showcase delicious and nutritious fruits from various regions to visitors. Additionally, it serves as a valuable opportunity for gardeners to connect and share experiences.

Fruit art competition at the Southern Fruit Festival

The most impressive activity of the festival is the Fruit Art Competition, an event dedicated to preserving, honoring, and developing the traditional arts of southern Vietnam. This contest features vibrant works made from colorful fruits, crafted by skilled artisans from across the country, showcasing traditional Vietnamese culture, love for the homeland, and national pride. 

This contest showcases vibrant artworks created by skilled artisans using colorful fruits

In addition to themes such as Culture, Tourism, and Vietnamese History, this year's competition introduces several new and unique topics, including:

  • Metro Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien
  • Suoi Tien - Green Lung in the Heart of Saigon
  • Suoi Tien Farm – A New Mark
  • Vietnamese Agricultural Products Combined with High Technology - Suoi Tien Farm

Huge fruit collection

At the 2024 Southern Fruit Festival in Suoi Tien, you'll enjoy fascinating experiences as you admire the "Giant Fruit Collection." This impressive display features a diverse array of fruits from various regions across Vietnam, showcasing the richness and uniqueness of the country's tropical fruit varieties.

Culinary activities

Over 20 specialty dishes and drinks made from fruits from across the country will be served by the Suoi Tien restaurant chain throughout the summer. Additionally, visitors can enjoy unique culinary art performances, including:

  • A vibrant and captivating fruit drink mixing show by the Ho Chi Minh City Bartenders Association
  • Demonstrations of fruit-based dish preparation by renowned Vietnamese chefs
  • Performances showcasing the art of pruning fruits and vegetables to create lively and attractive dishes

Visitors can experience distinctive culinary art performances at the Southern Fruit Festival

Exhibition with the theme "Suoi Tien 30 years of formation and development"

Appearing for the first time at the festival, visitors will embark on a journey spanning over 30 years of development and innovation of Suoi Tien. Particularly captivating is the narrative of Suoi Tien Farm's inception on a barren, uncultivated land.

Parade of "Bach Qua Tu Quy Than Tien Hoi"

The "Bach Qua Tu Quy Than Tien Hoi" parade features stunning Flower Fairies adorned in impressive fruit-themed fashion, escorting Than Qua (God Fruit) to the event at Suoi Tien. This spectacular parade involves hundreds of professional actors and six beautifully decorated, lively processions.

Unique art programs

During the Southern Fruit Festival, Suoi Tien offers a series of free art programs for tourists throughout the summer. These include theatrical performances of the Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh legend at Long Quy An Thuy Lake, Southern amateur music (Don ca tai tu) at the Coconut Farm, traditional musical instrument performances, and street music. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the Son Tinh vs. Thuy Tinh Stage Show featuring skilled magic performances by martial arts masters, promising fun and relaxation for all attendees.

Suoi Tien presents a series of complimentary art programs for tourists throughout the summer

The 2024 Southern Fruit Festival promises a delightful and enriching experience for all ages. Featuring vibrant displays and exciting competitions, this festival is a must-see for anyone looking to savor the rich bounty and vibrant culture of southern Vietnam. If you travel to Ho Chi Minh City, be sure not to miss this captivating event!

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